Dana Anne Yee, Landscape Architect, LLC.


Project Name:Arinaga Residence
Location:Kahala Kua, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi
Client:Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Arinaga

A house among a forest of trees would best describe the landscape design for the Arinaga residence. Tall, willowy Formosa Koa Trees grace the entrance to this residence. Built on a slope with large boulders making up the existing landscape, this project was a challenge. The Arinaga's wanted to be able to maintain their views from their home, while looking through a variety of trees. Through the kitchen window, Strawberry Guava trees, with their interesting bark and graceful branch structure, can be viewed among lavender Walking Iris's. The makai ocean view is maintained while viewing under a Lychee tree. Fruit trees are abundant on the property, including Lychee, Tangerine, and Lime. Native ʻIlima was planted as a ground cover on the rocky back slope and ʻAkia and Kupukupu Ferns were used to carry on the theme of native planting throughout the landscape.