Dana Anne Yee, Landscape Architect, LLC.


Project Name:Maryknoll White House
Location:Honolulu, Hawaiʻi
Client:Maryknoll Schools

Formally the home of the Maryknoll Fathers, the Maryknoll School "White House" was renovated into the home and offices for the new President of Maryknoll School, Mr. Perry Martin and his family. It is located on the corner of Dole Street and Whitney Street which is across the street from Maryknoll Grade School. It was important to provide a landscape garden with a welcoming entrance and a feeling of privacy for Mr. and Mrs. Perry Martin.

A Mock Orange hedge was planted to grow to the height of 6', which helped to provide a private garden from the busy streets. The hedge also will provide a safe place for the Perrys to spend time within their own garden. Mrs. Perry requested flowering plants, so flowering Impatiens, fragrant Gingers, Gardenias and drought tolerant Agapanthus Africanus 'Peter Pan' were planted along with native Hawaiian 'Akia's and Kupukupu Ferns. A new lawn under the existing newly pruned Plumeria Tree helped to create a tranquil place to come home to.

Parking was key and maximized at the back of the "White House." Creative saw cutting of the existing asphalt edge formed flowing planter edges. Low berms were added to add a sense of movement to this flat barren asphalt-top back yard. Tall MacArthur Palms were planted to mitigate the height of the teo story building and to provide a relief from the stark white walls. Fragrant Gardenias, Gingers, good luck Ti and native Hawaiian 'Akia made up the plant palate. Now the Perrys feel at home and comfortable to work in their newly landscaped home surrounded by a pleasant flowering garden.

Maryknoll White House was recognized by Scenic Hawaii with a Betty Crocker Award of Appreciation in 2010.