Dana Anne Yee, Landscape Architect, LLC.


Project Name:Moffat Residence
Location:Koko Kai, Honolulu, Hawaiʻi
Client:Charles and Sheree Moffat

The sense of WAVES of the Pacific Ocean is the first thing that is noticed upon approaching the Moffat Residence. The WAVES is the theme that the landscape design is centered around. Charles and Sheree Moffat wanted a space to enjoy spending time to garden and entertain their family and friends. Despite a limited area, Charles and Sheree wanted a swimming pool for both entertaining and exercise. The salt water pool combined a 25’ lap pool, a heated spa, an area for water volleyball and an underwater seat wall, which followed the flow as that of a WAVE’s edge. The blue ceramic tiled pool mimics the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean.

The planter edges repeat the curves of a wave. As the planter “wave” undulates into the garden space, it provides easy access to the plants. Charles and Sheree can now pick their own fruit with choices of Oranges, Surinam Cherries and Meyers Lemons. Their daughter can make haku leis with the variety of native plants, such as Kupukupu Ferns and Palapalai Ferns. Flowering plants, such as native Gardenia, Red Gingers and Tahitian and Amy Yoshioka Gardenias were planted to fill the air with a sweet fragrance and for Sheree to pick the flowers to place in the house.

The 14th green of the golf course located inches from the property line of the backyard seems to extend endlessly to the mountains beyond. MacArthur Palms and Joannis Palms were planted both as a screen from the neighbors as well as to help frame the mountain an ocean views. The Palms provided a tropical feeling around the patio with their fronds casting beautiful shadows on the pool deck. The concrete headers, that separate the Mondo Grass and Grass from the Dwarf Lauaʻe Fern, repeat the WAVE theme. Low berms within the planters help to bring height and interest to this intimate backyard. Moss rocks were personally carried by Charles and were set in the low berms as rock outcroppings and natural seating areas.

The patio deck topped with ‘golden ray’ flagstone paving, is a perfect setting for night entertaining with the open feeling to view the moon and the stars that shine above. Tiki Torches, which were carefully selected by Charles and Sheree, help to create a romantic and mysterious glow. The Moffat Residence is a perfect setting for spending time with family and friends in their beautiful new garden space.

Charles and Sheree Moffat Residence was recognized by Scenic Hawaii for a Betty Crocker Landscape Award of Appreciation in the year 2007.